Leadership Team

Minister: Revd Alison J Griffiths

Deacons: Mrs Meryl Teague &  Revd Russell Dodington

Safeguarding Officer: Mrs Heidi Sydor


Revd Alison Griffiths Alison trained at Bristol Baptist College 2008 – 2011 and has been at Lydney Baptist Church since 2012. She has 3 teenage children and is married to Ian. Prior to being called to full time ministry Alison was a solicitor and community mediator. Ian and Alison are involved in the Northumbria Community.  She is currently studying for a MA in Contextual Theology at Luther King House, an ecumenical theological college in Manchester.

Revd Russell Dodington Since 1971 Russell has been part of, or associated with, Lydney Baptists.  He currently serves as church secretary.

Mrs Meryl Teague Forest born and bred, Meryl has been part of Lydney Baptists for many years.  She serves as the church treasurer.

Mrs Heidi Sydor has recently been appointed as Safeguarding Officer for the church.




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